About Hentez Ideas

We are an incorporated organisation that specializes in providing Real Estate and Agricultural investment services to the various income cadre of the populace for both residential Agricultural and commercial purposes.

Who We Are

  • The cost of the allocated plots are fixed for the period during which payment is to be made.

  • The other allotees within the neighbourhood remains unchanged as all plots within the immediate surrounding are all members of the same organisation. This gives an added level of security and confidence.

  • The terms of payment and duration can be tailored to suit the various income levels of the average member of your organisation, hence reducing the burden of outright or initial huge deposit generally requested by other organisation.

  • Payment mode is generally tailored towards how monthly salaries are paid with participating companies to make payment relatively stress free.

  • Members can have their various plots allocated to them before payment is completed, hence increasing their level of confidence.

  • We shoulder the responsibility of getting the required documents from the land owners in line with the agreed terms of allocation.

As land specialist, we currently have a long standing relationship with land owners across specific locations within and outside Lagos state and have over the years been able to provide and foster a thriving relationship between our clients and the land owners under a very flexible payment scheme which has ensured that even the least paid employer who desires to own a land for development is able to afford such.

Our dream and vision is to ensure that employees who desire to be free from the yearly payment of rent and royalties to landlord and lease managers can plan and eventually see the actualisation of their dreams.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to significantly raise the standard of service delivery in the Nigerian commercial real estate industry, by attracting, training and retaining the best talents to provide clients – and one another – creative solutions that accelerate success; enhancing the strength of our brand – with the ultimate goal of accelerating the success of our clients.

To deliver on our promise, we ensure that our people continually offer innovative workplace ethics and initiatives that focus on the following:

  • Clients – We will continue to put clients first – to consistently deliver on our promises and exceed their expectations.

Brand – We want to be recognized as the dominant real estate services brand in Nigeria.

People – We will further advance our commitment to providing the finest real estate services by attracting and developing the most talented, well-trained and ethical real estate practitioners in the nation.

Platform – We will utilize world-class business and technology resources to deliver on client needs faster and more effectively.

Our Mission

To be the leading real estate service firm in Nigeria, always exceeding our customers’ expectations by making the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service;  to provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice, by continually explore new ideas and technology that enhance the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier.

Our Proposal

In achieving the stated goal, we partner with organised bodies like individuals and organisation under a collective arrangement and subsequently allocate specified plots of land to them with monthly payments made for the plot over an agreed period of time.

The benefits of this arrangement to members of your organisation and individual include the following:

The plots are ideal for various purposes including commercial, residential and Agricultural

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