Services of Hentez Ideas

Hentez Ideas offers a wide range of services including the underlisted;

Estate Creation

Hentez is a mid-size, indigenous real estate management firm founded in 2012. In providing residential, agricultural and commercial real estate solutions, Hentez Ideas Real Estate and Agricultural Services  liaise closely with reputable family vendors to buy large parcels of land in sub-regions or up-coming areas of development and sort global title documentation with Lagos State, in other to further develop such land lots into infrastructured plots thus creating an opportunity for private individuals and corporate organizations to invest in real estate within a more cost effective price range.

Our creativity and competencies across both the real estate and construction industry enables us deliver innovative solutions that capture optimal value for our subscriber’s and investors.

Land Sales / Marketing

Land sales and development is one of the most demanding areas of brokerage. Complex regulations and the uncertainty of obtaining entitlements all contribute to the red tape of land sale transactions.

Based on our considerable transactions, developments, and management experience, we offer our clients an added dimension of expertise. All listings are posted on our website, as we combine local knowledge and expertise with wide market reach.

With an in-house team of specialists providing expertise in all aspects of real estate, including leasing, sales, entitlement, and construction; land value is determined by entitlements and expected rents of completed projects. Processing development land includes environmental reports, negative declarations, hazardous waste, wetlands, zoning-design review – use permits, and negotiating with local communities and government regulators regarding the impact of these issues on the proposed development.

Albeit, selling is a skill which very few people are excellent at. As a property management company, our aim is to close many deals as quickly as possible. Knowing that a delay could mean another firm closes the deal before us, there is the tendency of wanting to force prospective buyers/tenants to make their decision quickly but this rarely turns out well for both parties.

This is how we drive our sales in your favour:

  • We provide all the necessary information about the property without overlooking key issues of concerns to our prospective buyers. Most often than not, trust is an issue when property is` concerned, so we leave out the jargons associated with property selling as buyers need to process all information in the clearest and most understandable form.

  • We let the Property speak for itself. When it’s time for inspection of land, we make sure our prospective buyer is given all the freedom required to peruse the length and breadth of the property without any form of restriction. It doesn’t count as an inspection if our client does not have access to enter the property.

Facility Management

Facilities Management enables clients control expenditure while improving service delivery. It allows property owners to focus on what they do best, leaving the management of non-core support and associated services to the property experts.

In addition to being a real estate and property management organisation for a portfolio of blue-chip corporate organizations, we are one of the few facilities management companies dedicated to the day-to-day operation and care of prestigious institutions and responsible for the co-ordination of and functionality of space thus letting you focus on your core business.

Property Development

We Want You To Love Where You Live! Using our expansive background in real estate, we can advise on quick and inexpensive home developments. We can assist you sorting out your priorities in your property development needs. We will give you the benefit of our expertise on how to stage a house, sweat equity that pays, renovation projects that will give you the best results for the least amount of money. Coupled with today’s technology on pricing and market analysis to get you the best structure for your wad of bank note. Our job is to help you make the right choice that fits your needs and to ensure an outcome that is as stress-free and as seamless as possible.

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